What Shoes to Wear to Prevent Overpronation

plantar Suffering from Overpronation? Well, worry no more for we’re here to help cast your problem away. With suggesting the right shoes to wear to prevent your feet from feeling sore and aching, you’ll surely love to run and walk again without worrying about discomfort. Read this article and learn more about it.

Overpronation occurs at the joint below the ankle. It is characterized by an excessive inward rolling motion to the foot after it touches the ground. Most people experience this so it’s pretty normal. The only burden having this kind of foot condition is that it causes severe swelling and pain to the feet, legs, knees, and hips as you walk or run. Unlike other people who only suffer from neutral and underpronation, overpronators need to consider a shoe with a very maximum support, structured cushion and dual density midsoles to prevent the foot from destabilizing using inward rolls which might result to great injury and pain. Choosing the best shoe to avoid overpronation will make running and walking more comfortable and efficient.Below are the kinds of shoes suitable for overpronators:

Running and walking shoes come in a variety of motion control shoes aiming to overcome overpronation from runners who are either overweight or heavyweight. Best shoe manufacturers offer the following shoes:

  1. Asics


  • Running shoes likeAsics Gel-Kensei 5, Asics Gel Kayano 20, Gel-Kayano 21, GT-3000 3 are one of the best running shoes that help overpronators stay stable and comfortable over long distances. These shoes hug your feet and cushion the impact to make your running comfortable.


  • Walking shoes like ASICS Foundation 8 provides high-quality arch support, breathable mesh upper, anti-odor sock liner, and gel cushioning which stabilizes foot movement comfortably.


  1. Nike


  • Running shoes like Nike Air Cesiums and Zoom Nucleus MC+ are popular for runners suffering from overpronation. Other shoes like Nike LunarGlide 6 also give the best shoe quality made with lunarlon foam which takes care of shock absorption and gives extra cushioning on the sock liner.


  • Walking shoes like Nike Air Span 6 provides a saddle design to support proper pronation and a long-lasting cushioning needed for overpronation.



  1. New Balance


  • Running shoes like MR 1011, WR 1011, 992, MR 1123 and New Balance 1260v4 are also designed to provide comfort and correct overpronation from people who love to run. New Balance running shoes are designed to have cushioning split up into three sections with a low-profile heel, and a protective shock absorber in midfoot and forefoot, which helps runners in moving forward easily.


  • Walking shoes like New Balance Women’s 1123, New Balance 845 and New Balance 928 are one of the best shoes for walking correcting overpronation. These shoes are designed to increase motion control and maintain stability with every step.


  1. Saucony


  • Running shoes also offer motion control shoes suitable to prevent overpronating. Examples are Saucony Omni 13, SauconyStabil CS3, Grid Hammer and the Grid Stabil. These shoes delivers great stability which provides pronation correction.


  • Walking shoes like Saucony Omni focuses on shape rather than style. It also provides a strong midfoot support bridge which helps walking more efficient and less painful for overpronators.


  1. Brooks


  • Running shoes like Brooks Beast 12 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14also offer motion control suitable to prevent overpronating of the feet. These shoes provide a smoother and more efficient run because of its chunky, multi-density midsole, full-length cushioning for maximum support and flexible fit that is both breathable and supportive.


  • Walking shoes like Brooks Addiction and Brooks Infiniti also comes to counter overpronation with full-length cushion for shock absorption, thick soles, and dual density foam for support and control.


When choosing the shoes you’re going to buy for running or walking, you should follow the suggestions above. Overpronation might not be a serious foot condition but still, you need to take extra care when buying shoes. Not wearing the right kind of shoes for your feet can lead to a more serious risk of injuries and fractures. Also keep in mind that when buying shoes for overpronation; consider the protection it offers not the fashion it displays. Always choose the shoes that will give you comfort and protection. Your Comfy Feet has almost reviewed all the best shoes for flat feet.

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