Open Garage Sessions in Blue Ridge Skyline

When it comes to open garage sessions in Blue Ridge Skyline we can say that there are not a lot of happenings of this kind. However, this is an interesting kind of event so everyone interested in cars and car parts can take a look and enjoy the sport of automobile racing.

First, for those that are not familiar with the term open garage sessions, let’s learn a little more about what it means and what you can expect when you visit an open garage session.

What is a Garage Open Session

open garage sessionA Garage Open Session is a show where you can see up close and personal how racing and other vehicles look like. You can get to know everything about this cars. Their parts, how they are made, even the very torque wrenches and the other tools in the garage that were used while tuning the cars.

Often people that think they have cars, motorcycles, trucks, even bikes that are worth showing, apply for a place in the sessions. This way you can see how other people deal with their own pieces of machinery and how competent in tuning they are. You can make a comparison with your own skills and learn a little more about machines from people just like you. Some of them might be professionals in what they do, but many will be simply car enthusiasts that love fixing and making cars better where they buy car parts and accessories online.

Every session has its own agenda and schedule. In some, you’ll see one thing, and in other sessions, you’ll be able to learn about some other stuff. There’s no need of visiting every session if you don’t like what is going to be shown in that particular one.

About Blue Ridge Skyline

About Blue Ridge Skyline

Blue Ridge Skyline drive is a 105-mile road across the Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour because of the road that goes around the mountains and is perfect for a relaxing drive and enjoying the amazing nature. A fee is charged for every entrance on the skyline and there are 4 different entrances into the line.

The Blue Ridge Skyline is famous for its races by foot and bikes. However, people also love enjoying the smooth road for a relaxing drive and enjoying some of the most amazing sites there are. There are 75 overlooks to prove this claim.

The locals and tourists love spending time in the mounting doing all sorts of different activities. Biking and hiking are very popular but also driving and sightseeing. People that live near the mountains love getting in their cars, drive slowly across the magnificent nature and make a lot of stops at one of the many overlooking places.

Garage Sessions in Blue Ridge Area

The closest large city near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Skyline is Charlotte. The famous Charlotte Motor Speedway is a home to many racing competitions. One of them is the famous NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 race that is happening on Memorial Day. The garages of the famous car competitors are sometimes open for visitors and in this open garage sessions are the closest to the famous skyline you might find.

In the 2018 race competed 40 teams and in their garages, there were tuned cars from different manufacturers. This means a visitors could’ve seen some Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford cars all made with different garage tools by people who are car doctors in their profession. The torque wrenches are their scalpel and the cars are something they operate best.


Driving on the amazing skyline in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia is a beautiful experience. Driving some of the famous and specially tuned cars in some of the local garages is even a greater experience. Visiting these garages on an open session is just something a car lover must do because, in order to have a pleasant drive and enjoyable time, you first must see how a car is made.

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