Night Hunting – Do We Need to Use A Strong Flashlight?

A hunter must be well outfitted before entering into the woods. Apart from the hunting clothing, hunting gear, and a nice gun, you also require a tactical flashlight included in your hunting kit. Of course, you will carry something that you know how to use, and when to use. Tactical flashlight is a torch-like device that produces bright LED Light, and used for various purposes. For hunting situations, it may be mounted on the gun. It is made of impact and water resistant material, with textured grip and can be fitted just in the pocket or side-pocket of a backpack.

As per, a good tactical flashlight is an essential tool for any hunter, especially when night falls. Remember, hunting can be done both during the day and night. So, let us look at the benefits of having a tactical flashlight while hunting.


  1. Self defense situation

Hunting in the woods is fun, but it may turn chaotic whenever you encounter a wild animal at night. Flashlights are extremely bright, and you will feel hurt in the eyes if you look at the light directly. Forests are filled with different animals, and you will meet non-target hunts too. If an animal tries to attack you, just flash the light directly to its eyes. This will temporarily blind it, as you prepare to make your way out of the circumstance. In case the animal is already at very close range, you can use the flashlight’s bezel edge to hit on the head.

  1. Identify dangerous place

As I have said earlier, hunting might be dangerous when you encounter a stubborn animal in the forest. When hunting at night, flashlights can be useful when you stumble on murky or dark areas. The flash is enough to lighten the entire area, and see if there was any form of threat. Usually, very few animals will approach such a bright light. Therefore, the tactical flashlight becomes an important tool to turn away a dangerous animal. In addition, predators are also arrogant when it comes to chasing after your hunt. Once you down an animal, a predator may attempt to snatch it. Use the flashlight bright beam to scare it away.


  1. Emergency situations

Hunting in the moonlight is fun, as you don’t need additional light to view animals. However, what about if the moonset comes before you down any animal of interest? You will need more light not only to see through the dark areas, but also to chase away a threatening predator. Most emergency cases are when you are under attack by a wild animal, and probably you are hunting alone in the woods. Even though hunting a group at night may assist in terms of helping each other in cases of an emergency, you will also need light to maneuver through bushy areas. So, flashlight becomes an important asset any hunter should have.

  1. Finding a lost item

A hunter carries several things, not to mention the earplugs worn on the ears. Gear in your hunting jacket or vest are also part of the essential units required. Hunting at night may turn into real nightmare if your earplugs fall out. Searching everywhere without some light may be difficult and you are likely to go home without them. If you have a flashlight ready with you, it becomes very easy to find the earplugs or any gear that was missing.

Alright, we have discussed about the benefits of having a flashlight while hunting, but maybe you don’t know the right model for you. There are many aspects to consider while shopping for a nice flashlight, but I will give you the basic hint to help you choose a good one. First, you need a brighter flash to scare away that wild animal. Also, very bright flash can help you down an animal easily as it blinds temporarily, you take a good shooting position.


Benefits of Bright Tactical Flashlights

Flashlights come in different flash beam intensities. As stated by ShootingAndSafety flashlight page; The brightest flashlight, the higher the intensity of the beam, the more you are likely to achieve better results. However, higher intensity light means it will consume more battery power within a specified period of time. But since flashlights are not switched on for hours, a brighter one will enable you to see far distances more effectively.

Modern flashlights have rear on/off button, allowing the user to grip it tightly. The button is also adjustable – for low and high light. It is multipurpose as it controls three functions; low, high, and strobe flash features. Basically, the button is pressed three times, each for a specific function.

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