Local Tennis Tournament Will be Held in Blue Ridge Skyline

Tennis is becoming a global phenomenon. Unlike any time before tennis is popular so much that any place in the world held its own tournament. The famous Blue Ridge Skyline is also an inspiration for a tennis tournament so for 5 years now a tournament in Charlottesville, Virginia is called Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament.

The tournament is happening from 2013 when 8 doubles competed for the title. The clear winner was the top seed pair – Davis & Aery who won in the final against Nicholson-Ortiz & Tucker by 7-6 and 6-1. In 2018 the tournament was held in February in the Farmington Country Club.

How to Enter in This Tournament

Blue Ridge Skyline

The Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament is of an open character but players must meet a few criteria in order to get in. The entry fee of $30 is obligatory for everyone that is not an APTA member. The APTA is the American Platform Tennis Association. The entry fee of $30 provides you with a limited one-tournament membership good enough for playing the Blue Ridge Viking PCQ. With the fee comes a breakfast in the club, lunch, amenities, and prizes for the winners. If you’re a member of the APTA then you can compete also in other tournaments held by the association.

How to be Competitive


To be competitive, or best, to win the tournament you need the best equipment there is. Of course, you need to be trained and play good, but you also need the best tennis gear to take advantage in the tournament. Here’s what you need the most:


Tennis shoes are highly important. There are different kinds of shoes for a different surface. For the Blue Ridge Viking tournament, you will need shoes that are performing best on a hard surface as the courts are made from this kind of material. Don’t look for shoes that are best on grass or clay. Shoes specialized for these materials will perform poorly on a hard surface and instead of you taking advantage, you’ll have trouble moving around.

Tennis Rackets

tennis equipmentsThe second most important of the gear you must have is the tennis racket. Some of the most popular rackets in the world are those of Wilson, Babolat, Head, and others. There’s no best model or company for rackets. It’s more of a preference and style. For example, the tennis legend, Rafael Nadal uses Babolat rackets. The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus are using Wilson’s rackets. Swiss top gun Roger Federer is also using Wilson’s racket, but a different model.

This all means that despite the brand, you must find a model that suits your needs the best. Some models will be too heavy for you and some will be too lightweight. Some will have a good grip and some won’t. You need to find the best one that fits best in your hand and your swing will be perfect.


Another important part of the game is the sportswear. You need to be dressed for the occasion. You don’t need make-up or accessories that will make your play more difficult than to help you look good. You need a sweatshirt that will be made of a material that lets your body bread. Overheating will lead to exhaustion and you’ll soon drop performance and lose points out of fatigue. That’s why you need to get yourself sportswear that is perfect for tennis and will make you stay on top of your game at all times.


The Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament held in Charlottesville, Virginia is a great place to start your career. It is one of the many entry tournaments for the Viking President’s Cup. It’s played in doubles and is happening in the amazing Farmington Country Club which is a place where you can meet new friends and have a great time.

However, competition is in the first place so don’t forget to get the best tennis gear to take advantage in the tournament and possibly win the trophy. Aside from the prize, it’s a great feeling to be the best.

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