Is Park Golf Any Fun?

Park GolfThe game of Park Golf is very interesting as it is a mix of standard golf and croquet. It was invented in 1983 in Japan, and today more than 700.000 people are actively playing everywhere around the world.

The game is really easy to be played and is suitable for all ages. There’s no need for any particular physical condition and also, there’s no need for expensive equipment. It is played with only one club and one ball is just enough.

Unlike the standard golf, the park golf is played, as the name suggests, in parks. The players are called parkers. The game can be played in any park as the court doesn’t require anything special. The official game of park golf is made of nine holes, but the total length of the course can’t exceed 500 meters. One hole can’t be longer than 100 meters. As for the shortness of the course and the hole, there are no limits. That’s why the game can be played anywhere and in any park. Also, it’s suitable for any age. People of all ages can play it because it’s really easy and requires no special strength.

What Exactly is Needed For Playing Park Golf?

As we already mentioned, park golf requires little equipment. Aside from the basic clothing that suits you best and you feel the most comfortable in, you will need a park golf ball and a club that is ideal for your constitution and style of play. Balls are 60mm in diameter and less than 100 grams. They come in many different colors. Colored balls are used so the parker can see it from distance among the many amenities of the park. It’s a normal thing to see a parker use a different color of the ball in different conditions.

As for the clubs, they are pretty similar to the golf driver club. The difference is in the length which depends on the height of the player. No other clubs are used, as there are no different conditions of the terrain, and there’s no need for different types of clubs.

What if I Play Regular Golf And Park Golf?

Regular Golf And Park Golf

This might be more common than you think. A lot of people practice both regular and park golf. In fact, almost all parkers can play pretty good regular golf too. If you want to practice both golf types, there’s nothing stopping you, nor there’s any disadvantage that will make one of the games worse for you.

Our suggestion is to provide some extra equipment during you practice in the local park or in your yard if you prefer practicing there. You will need some golf nets and accessories that come with it. This way you’ll be able to practice your swing for the regular golfing game, yet, you’ll practice your concentration and accuracy that is most important in park golf.

Even if you don’t really like the game of park golf, it can be of the best interest for you because playing park golf you’ll practice playing in the green which is really important for the regular golf game.

Let’s say you’re out in the park, and there’s a game of park golf going on. The parkers see you have full equipment for golf and they invite you to play with them. You don’t really like park golf, right, but you accept their offer. During the game, instead you wait for your turn and do nothing, just install the golf net and practice your swing. When it is your turn, you’ll practice playing at shorter distances. This way you’ll have a complete training and you’ll be ready for that interesting game coming up during the weekend.

Actually, golf nets and accessories with the net are the best way to practice without going to the golf terrain. Most often, people have no time to travel high distances, so the net is perfect for them. Placing it in your backyard will give you time to practice and relax.

How to Find a Good Golf Net?

Golf nets are available in many different dimensions and with a lot of accompanying accessories. If you’re about to practice in a park, then you should find a golf net that’s bigger but also lightweight enough so you can transport it. Don’t forget to check if it is easy to install, as you’ll need to spend some time mounting all the parts on the stand.

If you’re about to place the net in your backyard, consider how much space you have and what type you need the best. In this case, you should worry about the weight and complexity as you’ll install it only once a year.

For those that like to practice in a closed space, they’ll need something smaller, but with more additional equipment. Some new and modern nets come with a lot of interesting features that are very fun and useful.

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