Hunting with Arch! How to Use in Blue Ridge

hunting 1Archery hunting has been there for many centuries dating back to those old days of the early man. It started with simple tools such as sticks and then later bow and arrow. No one can despise this due to the fact that gun hunting is now popular among many hunters. Actually, hunting with arch conventionally defines what it means to hunt in the woods. It is full of fun, even though it requires a broad experience to down a buck. If you are a deer hunter, Blue Ridge Mountains can be your next hunting area. Whether for coyotes, turkeys, or whitetail deer, Blue Ridge hosts plenty of these species.

However, there are challenges involved in hunting from bad weather conditions to individual failures. Of course, one of the biggest hardships when hunting is bad weather. But we won’t blame the Mother Nature for windy or rainy conditions because there are various ways to overcome all kinds of hunting challenges. In order to succeed in bow hunting while at the Blue Ridge, here we have highlighted a few tips.

First, improve your level of perfection through practicing. This helps you to prepare adequately for the next hunting season. It is not a must you regularly visit the Blue Ridge to practice, but if you have time just do it. Also, you don’t need real animals to shoot. Just identify a place (forest, grassland etc…) with diverse weather conditions, set up the targets and then start the activity. Windy weather is usually the most common hardship experienced by hunters, and therefore it is advisable to look for such scenarios. However, don’t forget to practice in other conditions like snow and rain.

Second, set up 3-D targets at different distances. This is very important because you will know your abilities based on different distances. In case you are hunting during windy, it will not be a big challenge because you have been used to it. Don’t forget that wind affects the speed and velocity of the arrow. Not only the wind but also rain or snow affects your ability to shoot the target at different distances. Therefore, practicing by placing targets at different points enhances your shooting accuracy. Shooting at different distances also allows you to know the ability of the arch. In other words, shooting targets at different distances will enhance your shooting experience.

Third, use the appropriate clothing for archery hunting when practicing. Mostly, hunters tend to practice during the summer when the weather is warm. They use summer attires such as short sleeve t-shirts and shorts, which are contrary to the real hunting gears. Once they wear those long johns, sweatshirts, and insulated coats, it becomes difficult for the hunter to make a perfect shot. Therefore, it is advisable to practice while wearing the right hunting clothes. Remember, anchor points and draw lengths are the things that affect your shooting abilities.

hunting 2Fourth, set up your tree stand at a reasonable range such as 20 yards or closer. If you are 10 inches out of the range, bow hunting can be a nightmare because you are likely to miss the buck. Again, check the wind direction so that you can set the stand at a position where the animals cannot detect you through scent. If the area is full of thick bushes, trim them earlier before the hunting season. These whitetails are ‘intelligent’ and they know when major changes are made, and therefore the best time for trimming is after a season is over. In short, you will be preparing for the next season.

Fifth, make use of the knowledgeable people. At the Blue Ridge, those people in the facility understand the behaviors of animals. They know when the animals start walking down the mountains, and this can be the best time to hunt them easily. In addition, there are archers that can help you to know the best shooting tactics. Since they have been using all types of bows, they will also help you understand why your bow is not shooting perfectly.

As much as you want to know bow hunting tips, try to read more about animals’ habits. For instance, whitetail deer have their own movement habits different from elks. Spend your time around the hunting area observing their behavior within the bow range. This will give you an easy time when it comes to actual hunting.

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