Buy Or Rent a Kayak

Buy Or RentPaddling down a peaceful lake on a kayak is a wonderful experience, no doubt. Almost all people that first tried kayaking, did it in a rented kayak. Almost no one buys the kayak first and learns to use it afterward. Once you enter the kayak you’ll know if you love this sport or not. Many people that fall in love with kayaking decide to buy their own piece so they can enjoy whenever they want to. Other, decide to continue renting. If you are having doubts about this too, follow up and see what is better. Read about the pros and cons of buying and renting a kayak.

Buying a kayak

Before you buy a kayak you need to know several important things about them. If you’re a beginner, you should look for a shorter and narrower kayak. This type is more stable and will keep you from going overboard. Also, make sure you get a lightweight enough model because you’ll have to mount it on your car every time you go kayaking. Plus, a heavier kayak might not hold enough weight if it is overloaded. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying instead of renting.



When you buy your own kayak, you’re able to use it whenever you want and where ever you want. You don’t depend on renting companies and their availability. You can pack your gear and go someplace no one ever heard of. You can enjoy hidden places and lakes that are untouched by rental companies.

Another big thing about owning a kayak is personalization. You can choose the color, the design, and spend enough time to make it as cool as you’d like it to be. Having your own kayak is like having a car, it looks good depending on the time you spend taking care of it.


Having your own kayak means taking constant care of it. Before and after you use it, you need to polish it and clean it from dirt. This takes a lot of time. It also needs to be stored properly so it wouldn’t get ruined faster than it should. You need a special room and constant care of it. This is exhausting for some people.

Another problem is mounting it on your car. This can take an eternity especially if you have a kayak that’s a little heavier than it should be. You’ll spend hours of mounting and descending before you can use it, and, of course, when you get home and you need to take it off your car.

An important con for buying a kayak is spending top dollars for it. Kayaks are pretty expensive, so you’ll need to spend some more money on this pleasure.

Renting a kayak

kayak rent

Renting a kayak is pretty simple. You see a renting company, pay for the kayak and enjoy. However, renting has some pros and cons too. Let’s talk about them a little.


The most important pro of renting a kayak is that you don’t have to take care of the kayak itself. It’s always clean, checked for safety, and ready for enjoyment. Kayak companies store the kayaks in a special cabin and a professional take care of them daily. Yours is just to enjoy.

Also, most kayaking companies allow mounting a marine cooler so you can enjoy your favorite drinks and foods in the middle of the lake. It’s kind of a perfect picture, kayak, and marine coolers, so if this is something important for you, then you should know that renting won’t stop you from doing it.


If you really love kayaking you’ll be probably doing it often. Every weekend you’ll have to pay rental companies some money to use their products. It may be more profitable if you simply buy your own kayak instead of constant renting.

Also, renting a kayak means fitting in a kayak that someone else used it before you. A kayak is like a shoe, you feel best if only you wear it.


If you’re a passionate kayaker, you should buy your kayak. Especially if you’re about to do it at a semi-professional level. People that are doing it every weekend or more often must have their own kayak so they can make the most of the ride.

If you love kayaking but you don’t have too much time to spend around it, it’s better to rent one. If you like it for occasional picnics and fun in the lake with drinks, then renting is the best idea. Renting companies have no problem with carrying a cooler, so feel free to get one with you.

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