Is Park Golf Any Fun?

Park GolfThe game of Park Golf is very interesting as it is a mix of standard golf and croquet. It was invented in 1983 in Japan, and today more than 700.000 people are actively playing everywhere around the world.

The game is really easy to be played and is suitable for all ages. There’s no need for any particular physical condition and also, there’s no need for expensive equipment. It is played with only one club and one ball is just enough.

Unlike the standard golf, the park golf is played, as the name suggests, in parks. The players are called parkers. The game can be played in any park as the court doesn’t require anything special. The official game of park golf is made of nine holes, but the total length of the course can’t exceed 500 meters. One hole can’t be longer than 100 meters. As for the shortness of the course and the hole, there are no limits. That’s why the game can be played anywhere and in any park. Also, it’s suitable for any age. People of all ages can play it because it’s really easy and requires no special strength.

What Exactly is Needed For Playing Park Golf?

As we already mentioned, park golf requires little equipment. Aside from the basic clothing that suits you best and you feel the most comfortable in, you will need a park golf ball and a club that is ideal for your constitution and style of play. Balls are 60mm in diameter and less than 100 grams. They come in many different colors. Colored balls are used so the parker can see it from distance among the many amenities of the park. It’s a normal thing to see a parker use a different color of the ball in different conditions.

As for the clubs, they are pretty similar to the golf driver club. The difference is in the length which depends on the height of the player. No other clubs are used, as there are no different conditions of the terrain, and there’s no need for different types of clubs.

What if I Play Regular Golf And Park Golf?

Regular Golf And Park Golf

This might be more common than you think. A lot of people practice both regular and park golf. In fact, almost all parkers can play pretty good regular golf too. If you want to practice both golf types, there’s nothing stopping you, nor there’s any disadvantage that will make one of the games worse for you.

Our suggestion is to provide some extra equipment during you practice in the local park or in your yard if you prefer practicing there. You will need some golf nets and accessories that come with it. This way you’ll be able to practice your swing for the regular golfing game, yet, you’ll practice your concentration and accuracy that is most important in park golf.

Even if you don’t really like the game of park golf, it can be of the best interest for you because playing park golf you’ll practice playing in the green which is really important for the regular golf game.

Let’s say you’re out in the park, and there’s a game of park golf going on. The parkers see you have full equipment for golf and they invite you to play with them. You don’t really like park golf, right, but you accept their offer. During the game, instead you wait for your turn and do nothing, just install the golf net and practice your swing. When it is your turn, you’ll practice playing at shorter distances. This way you’ll have a complete training and you’ll be ready for that interesting game coming up during the weekend.

Actually, golf nets and accessories with the net are the best way to practice without going to the golf terrain. Most often, people have no time to travel high distances, so the net is perfect for them. Placing it in your backyard will give you time to practice and relax.

How to Find a Good Golf Net?

Golf nets are available in many different dimensions and with a lot of accompanying accessories. If you’re about to practice in a park, then you should find a golf net that’s bigger but also lightweight enough so you can transport it. Don’t forget to check if it is easy to install, as you’ll need to spend some time mounting all the parts on the stand.

If you’re about to place the net in your backyard, consider how much space you have and what type you need the best. In this case, you should worry about the weight and complexity as you’ll install it only once a year.

For those that like to practice in a closed space, they’ll need something smaller, but with more additional equipment. Some new and modern nets come with a lot of interesting features that are very fun and useful.

Buy Or Rent a Kayak

Buy Or RentPaddling down a peaceful lake on a kayak is a wonderful experience, no doubt. Almost all people that first tried kayaking, did it in a rented kayak. Almost no one buys the kayak first and learns to use it afterward. Once you enter the kayak you’ll know if you love this sport or not. Many people that fall in love with kayaking decide to buy their own piece so they can enjoy whenever they want to. Other, decide to continue renting. If you are having doubts about this too, follow up and see what is better. Read about the pros and cons of buying and renting a kayak.

Buying a kayak

Before you buy a kayak you need to know several important things about them. If you’re a beginner, you should look for a shorter and narrower kayak. This type is more stable and will keep you from going overboard. Also, make sure you get a lightweight enough model because you’ll have to mount it on your car every time you go kayaking. Plus, a heavier kayak might not hold enough weight if it is overloaded. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying instead of renting.



When you buy your own kayak, you’re able to use it whenever you want and where ever you want. You don’t depend on renting companies and their availability. You can pack your gear and go someplace no one ever heard of. You can enjoy hidden places and lakes that are untouched by rental companies.

Another big thing about owning a kayak is personalization. You can choose the color, the design, and spend enough time to make it as cool as you’d like it to be. Having your own kayak is like having a car, it looks good depending on the time you spend taking care of it.


Having your own kayak means taking constant care of it. Before and after you use it, you need to polish it and clean it from dirt. This takes a lot of time. It also needs to be stored properly so it wouldn’t get ruined faster than it should. You need a special room and constant care of it. This is exhausting for some people.

Another problem is mounting it on your car. This can take an eternity especially if you have a kayak that’s a little heavier than it should be. You’ll spend hours of mounting and descending before you can use it, and, of course, when you get home and you need to take it off your car.

An important con for buying a kayak is spending top dollars for it. Kayaks are pretty expensive, so you’ll need to spend some more money on this pleasure.

Renting a kayak

kayak rent

Renting a kayak is pretty simple. You see a renting company, pay for the kayak and enjoy. However, renting has some pros and cons too. Let’s talk about them a little.


The most important pro of renting a kayak is that you don’t have to take care of the kayak itself. It’s always clean, checked for safety, and ready for enjoyment. Kayak companies store the kayaks in a special cabin and a professional take care of them daily. Yours is just to enjoy.

Also, most kayaking companies allow mounting a marine cooler so you can enjoy your favorite drinks and foods in the middle of the lake. It’s kind of a perfect picture, kayak, and marine coolers, so if this is something important for you, then you should know that renting won’t stop you from doing it.


If you really love kayaking you’ll be probably doing it often. Every weekend you’ll have to pay rental companies some money to use their products. It may be more profitable if you simply buy your own kayak instead of constant renting.

Also, renting a kayak means fitting in a kayak that someone else used it before you. A kayak is like a shoe, you feel best if only you wear it.


If you’re a passionate kayaker, you should buy your kayak. Especially if you’re about to do it at a semi-professional level. People that are doing it every weekend or more often must have their own kayak so they can make the most of the ride.

If you love kayaking but you don’t have too much time to spend around it, it’s better to rent one. If you like it for occasional picnics and fun in the lake with drinks, then renting is the best idea. Renting companies have no problem with carrying a cooler, so feel free to get one with you.

Local Tennis Tournament Will be Held in Blue Ridge Skyline

Tennis is becoming a global phenomenon. Unlike any time before tennis is popular so much that any place in the world held its own tournament. The famous Blue Ridge Skyline is also an inspiration for a tennis tournament so for 5 years now a tournament in Charlottesville, Virginia is called Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament.

The tournament is happening from 2013 when 8 doubles competed for the title. The clear winner was the top seed pair – Davis & Aery who won in the final against Nicholson-Ortiz & Tucker by 7-6 and 6-1. In 2018 the tournament was held in February in the Farmington Country Club.

How to Enter in This Tournament

Blue Ridge Skyline

The Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament is of an open character but players must meet a few criteria in order to get in. The entry fee of $30 is obligatory for everyone that is not an APTA member. The APTA is the American Platform Tennis Association. The entry fee of $30 provides you with a limited one-tournament membership good enough for playing the Blue Ridge Viking PCQ. With the fee comes a breakfast in the club, lunch, amenities, and prizes for the winners. If you’re a member of the APTA then you can compete also in other tournaments held by the association.

How to be Competitive


To be competitive, or best, to win the tournament you need the best equipment there is. Of course, you need to be trained and play good, but you also need the best tennis gear to take advantage in the tournament. Here’s what you need the most:


Tennis shoes are highly important. There are different kinds of shoes for a different surface. For the Blue Ridge Viking tournament, you will need shoes that are performing best on a hard surface as the courts are made from this kind of material. Don’t look for shoes that are best on grass or clay. Shoes specialized for these materials will perform poorly on a hard surface and instead of you taking advantage, you’ll have trouble moving around.

Tennis Rackets

tennis equipmentsThe second most important of the gear you must have is the tennis racket. Some of the most popular rackets in the world are those of Wilson, Babolat, Head, and others. There’s no best model or company for rackets. It’s more of a preference and style. For example, the tennis legend, Rafael Nadal uses Babolat rackets. The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus are using Wilson’s rackets. Swiss top gun Roger Federer is also using Wilson’s racket, but a different model.

This all means that despite the brand, you must find a model that suits your needs the best. Some models will be too heavy for you and some will be too lightweight. Some will have a good grip and some won’t. You need to find the best one that fits best in your hand and your swing will be perfect.


Another important part of the game is the sportswear. You need to be dressed for the occasion. You don’t need make-up or accessories that will make your play more difficult than to help you look good. You need a sweatshirt that will be made of a material that lets your body bread. Overheating will lead to exhaustion and you’ll soon drop performance and lose points out of fatigue. That’s why you need to get yourself sportswear that is perfect for tennis and will make you stay on top of your game at all times.


The Blue Ridge Viking PCQ tournament held in Charlottesville, Virginia is a great place to start your career. It is one of the many entry tournaments for the Viking President’s Cup. It’s played in doubles and is happening in the amazing Farmington Country Club which is a place where you can meet new friends and have a great time.

However, competition is in the first place so don’t forget to get the best tennis gear to take advantage in the tournament and possibly win the trophy. Aside from the prize, it’s a great feeling to be the best.

Open Garage Sessions in Blue Ridge Skyline

When it comes to open garage sessions in Blue Ridge Skyline we can say that there are not a lot of happenings of this kind. However, this is an interesting kind of event so everyone interested in cars and car parts can take a look and enjoy the sport of automobile racing.

First, for those that are not familiar with the term open garage sessions, let’s learn a little more about what it means and what you can expect when you visit an open garage session.

What is a Garage Open Session

open garage sessionA Garage Open Session is a show where you can see up close and personal how racing and other vehicles look like. You can get to know everything about this cars. Their parts, how they are made, even the very torque wrenches and the other tools in the garage that were used while tuning the cars.

Often people that think they have cars, motorcycles, trucks, even bikes that are worth showing, apply for a place in the sessions. This way you can see how other people deal with their own pieces of machinery and how competent in tuning they are. You can make a comparison with your own skills and learn a little more about machines from people just like you. Some of them might be professionals in what they do, but many will be simply car enthusiasts that love fixing and making cars better where they buy car parts and accessories online.

Every session has its own agenda and schedule. In some, you’ll see one thing, and in other sessions, you’ll be able to learn about some other stuff. There’s no need of visiting every session if you don’t like what is going to be shown in that particular one.

About Blue Ridge Skyline

About Blue Ridge Skyline

Blue Ridge Skyline drive is a 105-mile road across the Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour because of the road that goes around the mountains and is perfect for a relaxing drive and enjoying the amazing nature. A fee is charged for every entrance on the skyline and there are 4 different entrances into the line.

The Blue Ridge Skyline is famous for its races by foot and bikes. However, people also love enjoying the smooth road for a relaxing drive and enjoying some of the most amazing sites there are. There are 75 overlooks to prove this claim.

The locals and tourists love spending time in the mounting doing all sorts of different activities. Biking and hiking are very popular but also driving and sightseeing. People that live near the mountains love getting in their cars, drive slowly across the magnificent nature and make a lot of stops at one of the many overlooking places.

Garage Sessions in Blue Ridge Area

The closest large city near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Skyline is Charlotte. The famous Charlotte Motor Speedway is a home to many racing competitions. One of them is the famous NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 race that is happening on Memorial Day. The garages of the famous car competitors are sometimes open for visitors and in this open garage sessions are the closest to the famous skyline you might find.

In the 2018 race competed 40 teams and in their garages, there were tuned cars from different manufacturers. This means a visitors could’ve seen some Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford cars all made with different garage tools by people who are car doctors in their profession. The torque wrenches are their scalpel and the cars are something they operate best.


Driving on the amazing skyline in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia is a beautiful experience. Driving some of the famous and specially tuned cars in some of the local garages is even a greater experience. Visiting these garages on an open session is just something a car lover must do because, in order to have a pleasant drive and enjoyable time, you first must see how a car is made.

Baseball Fans will be Meeting at the Blue Ridge Skyline

baseball fanBaseball fans meeting is less than a month away and if you are one of the fanatics, it is time to start preparing for the big event. It will be a professional baseball game where you expect lots of fun watching men compete over a small white ball. Baseball has been an ideal pastime to spend your time, whether it is in the afternoon or evening. As you buy your ticket, ask the game schedules because changes may occur just at the last minute. But, the organizers will keep every ticket holder updated even during the material day.

For new fans, you need to know a few things while watching your first baseball game. Home runs and foul balls are always for you to keep. However, there are interesting rules that will never leave you bored throughout the game. For instance, you are expected to give a kid next to you a foul ball -It may sound funny! Alright, another rule for fans is buying a ticket to those sections where a ball is likely to land. The upper decks are usually the best if you want to catch a foul ball while outfield section will allow you to enjoy the home runs. But note that, you can’t just shift from your place and stand in front of another person’s seat!

When the 7th Inning stretch begins, loyal fans don’t start moving side-to-side as if you are dancing for Olympics. Take it slowly by standing and singing some cheers to boost the morale of your team. The 7th Inning stretch has been there since the discovery of baseball game, and it can be the best time to relax and watch as the game starts. Additionally, you don’t need to mock the other team because other fans next to you will throw nasty words to you. That tendency of yelling negative words to scare the opponent may be fun, but several blows from the opponent’s fans may land on you. Watch out if you are a newbie fun! Scared? Please don’t.

There are these fans that will always cause problems to others by standing and jumping frequently from the start to the end of the game. Don’t be a troublemaker to other people sitting next to you regardless of the value of your ticket. However, you can get up as many times as you wish if you are sitting alone on the aisle, but odds you are not. If you are in the middle of a row, respect the other fans by limiting your ups and downs to just a few times in every game. The last thing you would want to see is a guy standing up in front of you after every break.

baseballAs much as you want your team to beat the opponent, no one is restricting you from harassing the opponent as long as you don’t overdo it. You are likely to get upset when a guy sitting next to you picks up a scorecard and start putting down pitches and plays in every game. This is the person’s way of making the day lively and enjoyable. Furthermore, these kinds of people are real fans and will always analyze games in their own way. Why judge them? After all, it’s your first time to a baseball game. Relax and watch the game and find something interesting to nice up the event.

Alright, you need a few things in your backpack if you wanted to try out a baseball game. All pieces of equipment can be found as you shop for them in various stores. However, there is one thing you need to ponder and make a perfect selection – baseball bat. Obviously, you can’t play without a bat because the game itself involves hitting.

With so many different models of baseball bats in the market, there are options for adults and youths. Youth models have relatively smaller barrels than those of adults. They are also lightweight, but not very perfect for hitting a ball like those heavier adult bats. Many experts recommend heavier bats because they hit the ball a bit firmly, though you should choose what best suits your hands. Choose a bigger bat if you can swing comfortably while holding it.

The baseball bats are either made of metal or wood, but aluminum metal ones are preferred in many games. Wood bats are great, though they can break if you hit a ball very hard. You can find a baseball bat that fits your budget because there are a variety of types from different companies.

Hunting with Arch! How to Use in Blue Ridge

hunting 1Archery hunting has been there for many centuries dating back to those old days of the early man. It started with simple tools such as sticks and then later bow and arrow. No one can despise this due to the fact that gun hunting is now popular among many hunters. Actually, hunting with arch conventionally defines what it means to hunt in the woods. It is full of fun, even though it requires a broad experience to down a buck. If you are a deer hunter, Blue Ridge Mountains can be your next hunting area. Whether for coyotes, turkeys, or whitetail deer, Blue Ridge hosts plenty of these species.

However, there are challenges involved in hunting from bad weather conditions to individual failures. Of course, one of the biggest hardships when hunting is bad weather. But we won’t blame the Mother Nature for windy or rainy conditions because there are various ways to overcome all kinds of hunting challenges. In order to succeed in bow hunting while at the Blue Ridge, here we have highlighted a few tips.

First, improve your level of perfection through practicing. This helps you to prepare adequately for the next hunting season. It is not a must you regularly visit the Blue Ridge to practice, but if you have time just do it. Also, you don’t need real animals to shoot. Just identify a place (forest, grassland etc…) with diverse weather conditions, set up the targets and then start the activity. Windy weather is usually the most common hardship experienced by hunters, and therefore it is advisable to look for such scenarios. However, don’t forget to practice in other conditions like snow and rain.

Second, set up 3-D targets at different distances. This is very important because you will know your abilities based on different distances. In case you are hunting during windy, it will not be a big challenge because you have been used to it. Don’t forget that wind affects the speed and velocity of the arrow. Not only the wind but also rain or snow affects your ability to shoot the target at different distances. Therefore, practicing by placing targets at different points enhances your shooting accuracy. Shooting at different distances also allows you to know the ability of the arch. In other words, shooting targets at different distances will enhance your shooting experience.

Third, use the appropriate clothing for archery hunting when practicing. Mostly, hunters tend to practice during the summer when the weather is warm. They use summer attires such as short sleeve t-shirts and shorts, which are contrary to the real hunting gears. Once they wear those long johns, sweatshirts, and insulated coats, it becomes difficult for the hunter to make a perfect shot. Therefore, it is advisable to practice while wearing the right hunting clothes. Remember, anchor points and draw lengths are the things that affect your shooting abilities.

hunting 2Fourth, set up your tree stand at a reasonable range such as 20 yards or closer. If you are 10 inches out of the range, bow hunting can be a nightmare because you are likely to miss the buck. Again, check the wind direction so that you can set the stand at a position where the animals cannot detect you through scent. If the area is full of thick bushes, trim them earlier before the hunting season. These whitetails are ‘intelligent’ and they know when major changes are made, and therefore the best time for trimming is after a season is over. In short, you will be preparing for the next season.

Fifth, make use of the knowledgeable people. At the Blue Ridge, those people in the facility understand the behaviors of animals. They know when the animals start walking down the mountains, and this can be the best time to hunt them easily. In addition, there are archers that can help you to know the best shooting tactics. Since they have been using all types of bows, they will also help you understand why your bow is not shooting perfectly.

As much as you want to know bow hunting tips, try to read more about animals’ habits. For instance, whitetail deer have their own movement habits different from elks. Spend your time around the hunting area observing their behavior within the bow range. This will give you an easy time when it comes to actual hunting.

What Shoes to Wear to Prevent Overpronation

plantar Suffering from Overpronation? Well, worry no more for we’re here to help cast your problem away. With suggesting the right shoes to wear to prevent your feet from feeling sore and aching, you’ll surely love to run and walk again without worrying about discomfort. Read this article and learn more about it.

Overpronation occurs at the joint below the ankle. It is characterized by an excessive inward rolling motion to the foot after it touches the ground. Most people experience this so it’s pretty normal. The only burden having this kind of foot condition is that it causes severe swelling and pain to the feet, legs, knees, and hips as you walk or run. Unlike other people who only suffer from neutral and underpronation, overpronators need to consider a shoe with a very maximum support, structured cushion and dual density midsoles to prevent the foot from destabilizing using inward rolls which might result to great injury and pain. Choosing the best shoe to avoid overpronation will make running and walking more comfortable and efficient.Below are the kinds of shoes suitable for overpronators:

Running and walking shoes come in a variety of motion control shoes aiming to overcome overpronation from runners who are either overweight or heavyweight. Best shoe manufacturers offer the following shoes:

  1. Asics


  • Running shoes likeAsics Gel-Kensei 5, Asics Gel Kayano 20, Gel-Kayano 21, GT-3000 3 are one of the best running shoes that help overpronators stay stable and comfortable over long distances. These shoes hug your feet and cushion the impact to make your running comfortable.


  • Walking shoes like ASICS Foundation 8 provides high-quality arch support, breathable mesh upper, anti-odor sock liner, and gel cushioning which stabilizes foot movement comfortably.


  1. Nike


  • Running shoes like Nike Air Cesiums and Zoom Nucleus MC+ are popular for runners suffering from overpronation. Other shoes like Nike LunarGlide 6 also give the best shoe quality made with lunarlon foam which takes care of shock absorption and gives extra cushioning on the sock liner.


  • Walking shoes like Nike Air Span 6 provides a saddle design to support proper pronation and a long-lasting cushioning needed for overpronation.



  1. New Balance


  • Running shoes like MR 1011, WR 1011, 992, MR 1123 and New Balance 1260v4 are also designed to provide comfort and correct overpronation from people who love to run. New Balance running shoes are designed to have cushioning split up into three sections with a low-profile heel, and a protective shock absorber in midfoot and forefoot, which helps runners in moving forward easily.


  • Walking shoes like New Balance Women’s 1123, New Balance 845 and New Balance 928 are one of the best shoes for walking correcting overpronation. These shoes are designed to increase motion control and maintain stability with every step.


  1. Saucony


  • Running shoes also offer motion control shoes suitable to prevent overpronating. Examples are Saucony Omni 13, SauconyStabil CS3, Grid Hammer and the Grid Stabil. These shoes delivers great stability which provides pronation correction.


  • Walking shoes like Saucony Omni focuses on shape rather than style. It also provides a strong midfoot support bridge which helps walking more efficient and less painful for overpronators.


  1. Brooks


  • Running shoes like Brooks Beast 12 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14also offer motion control suitable to prevent overpronating of the feet. These shoes provide a smoother and more efficient run because of its chunky, multi-density midsole, full-length cushioning for maximum support and flexible fit that is both breathable and supportive.


  • Walking shoes like Brooks Addiction and Brooks Infiniti also comes to counter overpronation with full-length cushion for shock absorption, thick soles, and dual density foam for support and control.


When choosing the shoes you’re going to buy for running or walking, you should follow the suggestions above. Overpronation might not be a serious foot condition but still, you need to take extra care when buying shoes. Not wearing the right kind of shoes for your feet can lead to a more serious risk of injuries and fractures. Also keep in mind that when buying shoes for overpronation; consider the protection it offers not the fashion it displays. Always choose the shoes that will give you comfort and protection. Your Comfy Feet has almost reviewed all the best shoes for flat feet.

Night Hunting – Do We Need to Use A Strong Flashlight?

A hunter must be well outfitted before entering into the woods. Apart from the hunting clothing, hunting gear, and a nice gun, you also require a tactical flashlight included in your hunting kit. Of course, you will carry something that you know how to use, and when to use. Tactical flashlight is a torch-like device that produces bright LED Light, and used for various purposes. For hunting situations, it may be mounted on the gun. It is made of impact and water resistant material, with textured grip and can be fitted just in the pocket or side-pocket of a backpack.

As per, a good tactical flashlight is an essential tool for any hunter, especially when night falls. Remember, hunting can be done both during the day and night. So, let us look at the benefits of having a tactical flashlight while hunting.


  1. Self defense situation

Hunting in the woods is fun, but it may turn chaotic whenever you encounter a wild animal at night. Flashlights are extremely bright, and you will feel hurt in the eyes if you look at the light directly. Forests are filled with different animals, and you will meet non-target hunts too. If an animal tries to attack you, just flash the light directly to its eyes. This will temporarily blind it, as you prepare to make your way out of the circumstance. In case the animal is already at very close range, you can use the flashlight’s bezel edge to hit on the head.

  1. Identify dangerous place

As I have said earlier, hunting might be dangerous when you encounter a stubborn animal in the forest. When hunting at night, flashlights can be useful when you stumble on murky or dark areas. The flash is enough to lighten the entire area, and see if there was any form of threat. Usually, very few animals will approach such a bright light. Therefore, the tactical flashlight becomes an important tool to turn away a dangerous animal. In addition, predators are also arrogant when it comes to chasing after your hunt. Once you down an animal, a predator may attempt to snatch it. Use the flashlight bright beam to scare it away.


  1. Emergency situations

Hunting in the moonlight is fun, as you don’t need additional light to view animals. However, what about if the moonset comes before you down any animal of interest? You will need more light not only to see through the dark areas, but also to chase away a threatening predator. Most emergency cases are when you are under attack by a wild animal, and probably you are hunting alone in the woods. Even though hunting a group at night may assist in terms of helping each other in cases of an emergency, you will also need light to maneuver through bushy areas. So, flashlight becomes an important asset any hunter should have.

  1. Finding a lost item

A hunter carries several things, not to mention the earplugs worn on the ears. Gear in your hunting jacket or vest are also part of the essential units required. Hunting at night may turn into real nightmare if your earplugs fall out. Searching everywhere without some light may be difficult and you are likely to go home without them. If you have a flashlight ready with you, it becomes very easy to find the earplugs or any gear that was missing.

Alright, we have discussed about the benefits of having a flashlight while hunting, but maybe you don’t know the right model for you. There are many aspects to consider while shopping for a nice flashlight, but I will give you the basic hint to help you choose a good one. First, you need a brighter flash to scare away that wild animal. Also, very bright flash can help you down an animal easily as it blinds temporarily, you take a good shooting position.


Benefits of Bright Tactical Flashlights

Flashlights come in different flash beam intensities. As stated by ShootingAndSafety flashlight page; The brightest flashlight, the higher the intensity of the beam, the more you are likely to achieve better results. However, higher intensity light means it will consume more battery power within a specified period of time. But since flashlights are not switched on for hours, a brighter one will enable you to see far distances more effectively.

Modern flashlights have rear on/off button, allowing the user to grip it tightly. The button is also adjustable – for low and high light. It is multipurpose as it controls three functions; low, high, and strobe flash features. Basically, the button is pressed three times, each for a specific function.

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Fishing in Opportinities in Skyline Parkaway

Now the winter is over, and you are planning to visit one of the America’s most popular parks – Blue Ridge Parkway. Stretching up to 469 miles, this drive connects two other major parks in North Carolina and Virginia, and offers scenic views of the mountains, forests, and wonderful landscapes, with unlimited trails for hiking, picnics, and sport fishing grounds. Among these many activities to do in Blue Ridge Parkway, fly fishing is one of the interesting outdoor things that any fisherman may deserve to experience.

Along the spine of the Blue Ridge there are several streams elongating hundreds of miles, while along the Parkway there are thirteen lakes ideal for fishermen searching for indigenous fish at the mountaintop park. Fly fishermen understand the value of this parkway, and the fishing is regulated by state authority of either North Carolina or Virginia that issue licenses to the fishermen. The authority restricts any special licenses, and single hooks and artificial lures are recommended in the waters. However, youngsters can enjoy fishing as long as they go along with a licensed adult.

For conservation purposes, fishermen are only allowed to use digestible bait, and no one is allowed to carry out fishing from adjacent walls, dams, or footbridges. Every stream has its own regulations that are posted at the watercourse bank, but fishing in all the designated waters is allowed one-half before sunrise to one-half after sunset. Depending on jurisdictions of different lands where the streams flow, mostly digging of bait is prohibited. To achieve the best fishing experience, you can use a fish finder to locate the great fishing spots. Fish finders are essentially used to help a fisherman see better underwater, and enhance the ease of fishing.


How to Use a Fish Finder

A fish finder is a valuable device for locating the places where fish crowds, or those points with baitfish where larger fish are likely to hang out to feed on those small ones. It is not actually a viable device for locating a single fish, and that is why fishermen are advised to first learn the general idea about the underwater landscape. You can use online charts from state agencies or fishing supply stores to know the areas that attract more fish. Once you know the fishing spots, you can easily interpret what you see on the screen, and drop your line at the right spot.

Most Popular and Great Fisheries along Blue Ridge Parkway

There are a number of fishing holes along Blue Ridge. Cherokee Trophy Water, located in the North Carolina parts of the Blue Ridge, is one of the most popular fisheries. It offers unique fishing experience, with stocked fish such as rainbows and browns that measure at least 20 inches in length. The waters are strictly managed, but catch-and-release fishing is allowed under certain policies. However, it has a portion of about 2 miles that is specifically set for fly fishing. Wilson Creek is another great fishery listed among the top trout streams, and it is located in Catawba Drainage. It is easily accessed through the Blue Ridge Parkway and offers plenty of browns and rainbows.


Rose River is situated in Virginia, in Madison County, and it is accessible through the Blue Ridge Parkway’s northern part Skyline Drive. The river flow out of the Blue Ridge into the scenic Valley of Rose and the water supports a strong population of rainbows and brookies. It borders with Shenandoah National Park that is usually open to visitors, but beyond the park is a stretch of private waters managed and owned by Rose River Farms. For those longing to experience endless fly fishing adventure, Big Run in Shenandoah National Park can do the trick. It is a wild and remote area, but it hosts the biggest brookies. It is accessible through Skyline Drive from which you will trail through the Big Run Loop Trail until you arrive at the Big Run Portal Trail. The area is quite interesting, and you may find yourself spending most of the time there. If you really want to experience multi-day fly fishing, don’t forget to carry essential stuff in your backpack. Once you reach the Big Run Portal Trail, you can first explore the upstream areas especially close to where the Rocky Mountain Adjoins the Big Run.

If you choose to fish from the Madison Run, you can park at the Brown Gap parking lot after driving along the Skyline Drive. You can as well opt to hike down the Madison Run road, but still, you can choose to start right from the bottom to the side of Route 708. However, the fishing is best done on the lower and middle areas where the stream flows between Furnace and Austin mountains. You might be also interested in night hunting. Here is the post for that!

Safety Tips for During Renovation in Park

Our home is a sanctuary where we can relax, have fun, and bond with our loved ones. We have built it through hard work and patience just so we can have something we can call ours. Over time, our houses may encounter slight problems, significant damages, or may need a visual makeover that pushes us to finally do a renovation. Whatever the cause may be, remodeling your residence is definitely something that you should look forward to. Before anything else, there are some things you have to remember to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process. This should obviously be the greatest priority for every homeowner.

Keep Safe

Prior to the actual renovation, you should come up with a concise plan about the things you intend to do with your property. From then, you will be able to make a check list of the things you should look out for. First, think about the possibility of thieves taking advantage of your belongings during this time. Be sure to create a strong temporary barrier or lock between the area where you will be actually staying and the part that is under repair. In addition, allocate a storage locker for any equipment or materials you will be using for that duration. Next, keep the children or pets from wandering towards these spots since they have a poorer judgment than adults and are more likely to get injured. Avoid unwanted dirt, dust, and paint residue from spreading and damaging your things by placing a plastic sheet on it and between the work zones. What most people do not realize is that these residues and dust may carry around harmful microorganisms that are detrimental to their health so extreme precaution is a must.

Aside from these must-do reminders, home renovation will not be possible without having the appropriate safety gears. Workers, including you, need a safety hat when working or observing near dangerous areas for the danger of debris that could hurt your head. If there’s a possibility for your eyes to get hit or splashed with particles while doing anything, wear protective eyewear or goggles to guard it. Also, prolonged exposure to chemicals, dusts, or fumes can subject the person to respiratory ailments or even cancer so as a responsible person, make sure to wear a heavy-duty face mask to prevent you from inhaling all those harmful things. Gloves are also essential especially when doing handy work to avoid unwanted cuts or injuries in your precious hands. Wear comfortable work clothes that will not get in the way of your performance and productivity.

work boot


Comfortable Work Boots 

The personal protective equipment will not be complete without a good pair of work boots. It is necessary to protect your toes and feet from getting badly injured especially in projects where a lot of construction materials and heavy items are present. Work boots that are optimal for construction and renovation works are called protective toes. There are three different types depending on the environment and individual situation. The most common is the steel toe since it provides the highest protection among others. The toe caps are made of steel which are hard to penetrate, although it also transfers heat or cold through conduction and are quite heavy. If you are looking for something that is easier to walk around without compromising your safety, aluminum toes are the most comfortable boots for you says They are lighter and a little thicker than the former type, making it more convenient to use. The last one is the composite toe which is made of materials other than metal. They are typically made of carbon fiber or plastic, making it significantly light to wear. It is getting considerable praise from the industry because of its functionality and advantages over the steel toe. These types do not conduct heat and energy so it feels more comfortable especially for those who are moving around frequently.

Other things to consider when choosing the appropriate work boots for your home remodeling and construction projects are the weather, the activities involved, and how the materials surrounding you or the workers while doing the tasks.

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